In 2000 the Youth Group of National Committee of Georgia and Helsinki Assembly of Citizens has established an initiative group, which would work on gender issues, capacity building of women and protection of their rights. Relying on the experience of members of the organization in other spheres of activities, the group decided to focus on gender issues and other related issues. Members of the initiative group understood well, that in Georgia there was no information center for women, which would enhance women’s movements, capacity building and enabling of women through utilization of adequate information and communication technologies.

We take great pride in announcing that WIC from Georgia has been bestowed with the esteemed CAREC PROGRAM Gender Award—CAREC GENDER CHAMPIONS 2023. Certainly, it is noteworthy that women's organizations from various countries around the world were nominated for this prestigious award

On July 26, 2019, representatives of the Women's Information Center organized a focus group in Kobuleti Municipality that included local leaders and women entrepreneurs who use / do not use the Women's Room Service.The purpose of the focus group was to evaluate the use of women's room services in the municipality for effective planning of further work.

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