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“Let’s find ways together”

In Tbilisi City Council, under the auspices of the Gender Council, the event "let’s find ways together" was held. Chairman of sakrebulo Giorgi tyemaladze, members of sakrebulo, representatives of governmental and nongovernmental sectors, women working in arts and culture and in business sector were attending the meeting. The event was opened by deputy chairman of sakrebulo and chairman of gender equality council (Marika Darchia). She talked about the aim and importance of the event. According to Marika Darchia, the meeting, which was held today in Sakrebulo, aimed to activate the role of women in political, cultural and entrepreneurial activities. The whole world writes stories about women who overcome difficulties and our meeting is amid to find ways to overcome difficulties. There are list of problems but behind every failure there is a chance of creating precedent by winning, which in turn give an example to other people-said Marika Darchia.


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